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The Story Behind The... Story

We received a call from Lisa Whitaker one day and if memory serves correct, it went something like this:

"I'm in need of a company that can help me design a book. A biopic about a famous ballet dancer in fact. It's a wild story and it's a bit controversial. There are a ton of photos that must be included, some of which may have been altered by the KGB." 

Say no more. We're in.

We had the immense privilege of working with authors Lisa Whitaker and Joel Lobenthal through a detailed one-year design process. From cover to cover, each page of the book was carefully designed, typeset and photographically assembled to help pay tribute to the life and death of Yuri Soloviev.

We couldn't have been more pleased with the results – it was a beautiful experience from beginning to end. Visually and emotionally. Order a copy of the book when you're ready for the ride. It would mean a lot to us, the authors, and the family of Yuri Soloviev.

How we did our thing:

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Book Layout & Design

The Ongoing Results

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