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Bringing Fire
and Smoke To
Grand Prairie

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Loop 9 BBQ

Elevated BBQ By Legendary Founder Larry Lavine...

Paying tribute to the European immigrants that settled in Central Texas, who introduced the process of fire-roasting and smoking premium beef and pork to Texas cowboys, comes Loop 9 BBQ.

The restaurant concept delivers a premium barbecue menu and pie shop at EpicCentral in Grand Prairie, Texas. With a foundational theme of Authentic Premium Smokehouse, loop 9 BBQ brings an elevated menu of prepared-from-scratch items that focus on quality, freshness and bold, Texas flavors.

In partnership with our friends at Triple Tap Ventures, Culture Pilot set out to build an enticing brand with an engaging voice via market positioning, visual identity, environmental design, collateral, uniforms, social media management, and a complete in-person and online experience.

Loop 9 BBQ features Culture Pilot's first AI-generated, interactive wall mural, with over a dozen AI art pieces that invite customers to take their photos along the #loop9fam wall when they arrive in line.

In the current marketing era, we're bringing everything we've come to expect (and even some we don't) to mouthwatering restaurants who put customers first. Welcome to Texas. Let's eat.

(Photography by the very talented Nancy Farrar.)

The delicious Results

Loop 9 BBQ Logo DesignLoop 9 BBQ Logo Design
Loop 9 BBQ Logo Design
Loop 9 BBQ Gift Card DesignLoop 9 BBQ Menu Design
Loop 9 BBQ Social Graphic DesignLoop 9 BBQ Social Graphic Design
Loop 9 BBQ Retail Label DesignLoop 9 BBQ Retail Soda Machine DesignLoop 9 BBQ Sticker Design
Loop 9 BBQ Custom Cup DesignLoop 9 BBQ Social Graphic DesignLoop 9 BBQ Social Graphic DesignLoop 9 BBQ Social Graphic Design
Loop 9 BBQ AI Art WallLoop 9 BBQ AI Art Wall Installation
Loop 9 BBQ Photography
Loop 9 BBQ PhotographyLoop 9 BBQ Pie Shop Menu Design
Loop 9 BBQ PhotographyLoop 9 BBQ Uniform Design
Loop 9 BBQ Website Design
Loop 9 BBQ Instagram DesignLoop 9 BBQ Poster Design
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