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Courageous Brands

At Culture Pilot we pride ourselves in working with companies and influencers who are creating a positive impact locally and globally. We are always thinking. We are always doing. We are always learning. We are always moving (and shaking too). And because you might care why, this is a brief look into what makes Culture Pilot fly.

Great organizations begin with great foundations.

Consider this our Launch Pad... Our team, our clients, our events and our work, all derive from our core values.



Serving as leaders. Working for leaders. Creating new leaders.



Building the future through innovative products, methods and ideas.



Sharing knowledge for growth and mentorship. We are always learning; always improving.

The Cabin Crew

We're a fun group with a strong game of passion and purpose. Meet the leadership team of Culture Pilots steering the way...

Tim deSilva

Tim deSilva

  • Title: Captain

  • Role: Founder / CEO

  • Powers: Geeking out on new music, blockchain technologies and random puns.

Kara Gray

Kara Gray

  • Title: Creative Falcon

  • Role: Founder / Visual Director

  • Powers: Swinging through the air on aerial silk and trapeze.

Javier Fadul

Javier Fadul

  • Title: Futurist Concierge

  • Role: Innovation Officer

  • Powers: Visiting virtual universes while cooking with multiple Sous-vide machines.

Erma Tijerina

Erma Tijerina

  • Title: Line Tamer

  • Role: Senior Designer

  • Powers: Building boats and studying design trends we didn't know existed yet.

David Tong

David Tong

  • Title: Bartender

  • Role: Social Strategy

  • Powers: Photography, traveling, cooking, eating, drinking and hosting your next dinner party.

Zsu Wekler

Zsu Wekler

  • Title: Flight Navigator

  • Role: Brand Strategy

  • Powers: Wine tasting in Hungary and schooling us all on Formula 1 racing.

Keith Henry

Keith Henry

  • Title: First Class Travel

  • Role: Customer Experience

  • Powers: Authoring books, dominating the b-ball court and ensuring we all reach maximum potential.

Kashif Sultan

Kashif Sultan

  • Title: Flight Engineer

  • Role: Lead Developer

  • Powers: Winning at pixels, perfecting details and influencing our digital awareness.

We Are Your Brand Strategy Ecosystem

Since 2003, we’ve been building an incredible network of talented specialists and passionate creators across every major marketing discipline.

culture pilot brand strategy ecosystem

The Culture Pilot core team begins with foundational strategy and execution for nearly all brand development needs. And as your needs grow, our ecosystem scales with you.

Consider us an agile marketing arm for providing photography, filming, search engineering, public relations, copywriting or any niche services required. We’re here to help every step of the way.

The best part: Our clients can gain access to any of our qualified partners with complete transparency. YOU become a member of the ecosystem.

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Working with brands both big and small

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Our practices scale across every industry.

We're pretty versatile. And friendly too.

The industries we work with stem from our brand pillars

With nearly two decades of experience helping launch brands across a wide range of industries, we have the guidance (and the heart) to help your team actualize big ideas.

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