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Bringing a 5-Day,
nana-grade Clean
to north america

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Clean Habits

A first-of-its-kind Cleaning technology, now in U.S. Retail

"Culture Pilot transformed an idea in my head to what it has become today. Thanks to their bold approach, we gained major retail buyers' attention. It's a great feeling when CVS, Walgreens, HEB, Whole Foods, and Walmart tell us they love the branding and that it will look great on their shelves. I am truly grateful Culture Pilot took a chance with me."
–– Kristy Phillips, Founder and Managing Partner of Clean Habits

We embarked on this brand development journey with a great product and a blank canvas. The goal was to bring a revolutionary brand to market, prepared for retail and commercial distribution in North America.

This retail brand brings Swiss and Belgium-based HeiQ Chrisal's patented Synbio Technology to launch in North America as a first-of-its-kind synbiotic (prebiotic + probiotic) suite of cleaning products. Each product is non-toxic, or as we've coined it, "Nana-grade safe" for people, pets, and the planet. And the kicker: it is scientifically proven to help rid surfaces of bacteria for up to five full days.

Culture Pilot brought out our full suite of services, and the brand proudly showcases our comprehensive strategies and deployment. Clean Habits has become a brand that embodies scientific innovation and environmental responsibility with a fun, approachable vibe for nearly every age—all backed by the promise of a safer, healthier, 5-day clean.

Within the first year, Clean Habits has garnered the attention of most major retailers in the U.S. and was approached for partnership by none other than self-proclaimed germaphobe Howie Mandel to help support the efforts. Clean Habits isn't just launching a new brand of retail products—it's starting a movement. Welcome to the future of clean.

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