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What's Inspiring Us so far in 2023


Take a look at some of our favorite articles that we’ve shared recently, from innovating food-tech branding to how AI is inevitably changing the way we create art.

We’re never in short supply of more inspiration…

"Cultivated meat branding design"

BP&O features an in-depth case study of the branding and packaging design for a new cultivated meat company. The article explores the design process and the challenges of creating a brand identity for a product that is both innovative and sustainable. This is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the intersection of design and food technology.

"Taking shape digitally"

It's Nice That is diving deep into the future of 3D design and how it's shaping the art world as we speak. With insights from Adobe's Director of 3D & Immersive and some seriously talented artists, you'll learn how new software tools and platforms are breaking down barriers and allowing creators to push the limits of what's possible in digital art and design. Trust us, whether you're a budding artist or just love staying on top of the latest creative trends, this article is a must-read.

"The return of generative AI style"

Where art and tech collide - Wired takes a deep dive into the world of generative AI and how it's revolutionizing the art scene. Using cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning, artists are creating unique and mesmerizing abstract works of art that will leave you in awe. Also the article includes exclusive interviews with artists who are using AI to create their works, giving you an inside look at the creative process, and discussions on the impact of this technology on the art world as a whole.

"A restaurant rebrand with an Italian touch"

Printmag highlights a restaurant in Copenhagen that underwent a rebranding with an Italian touch to its Scandinavian design. The result is a beautiful fusion of two distinct styles that perfectly captures the restaurant's identity. This article is a great example of how design can enhance the experience of dining out and create a lasting impression.

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