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What brands does Culture Pilot subscribe to?


For many, a big part of our days is occupied by subscriptions – from readers who can’t die until they’ve finished every book in their growing stack, to binging TV and movies on Netflix. We receive subscription products in the mail, and our digital inboxes continue to overflow.

So much content floods our lives with a hopeful promise that one day we WILL get to it!

At Culture Pilot, REFLECTION is our central theme of 2024. It’s easy to go and go and not really… think. After all, time is always in high demand. One of the only things you can’t buy, even if you’re Jeff Bezos, is time itself. So how do we choose to use our limited amount of this precious commodity when we’re not busy working, sleeping, choring (is that a word?), and, of course, the inevitable… scrolling?

Are we actually utilizing and taking part in the things we subscribe to? Sometimes, we need a reminder to hit unsubscribe. So here it is. We’re inviting you to go ahead and hit that unsubscribe button on all the real and digital things collecting dust in your life.

And now, if you’re still reading, here’s a run down of subscriptions our team finds value in during our busy time on earth.

Email newsletters (we’re actually reading): 

Mobile Apps

Podcasts & YouTube Channels

Physical Subscriptions

What makes us hit Subscribe?

With the limits of our valuable time, attention and, in some cases, money, what makes us take that leap to hit SUBSCRIBE to anything these days? As it turns out, our subscriptions are a reflection of our values and our interests. From upcycled food, less wasteful packaging, and supporting artists we love, to following brands, hobbies, or industries we like to work beside.  

No surprise? At Culture Pilot, we’re believers in the idea that your vibe attracts your tribe – whether friends, team members, or clients. When we sought out to reflect on our collective subscriptions, it was a fun ride to see both the overlaps and diversity of brands welcomed into the minutes of our days. 

And now we’re left with more new subscriptions than old un-subscriptions. What have we done?! Is there anything we missed? We’re almost afraid to ask.

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