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2020 – The Year We Might Hope To Forget.


2020 was one of the most creative years in recent decades. We may have just witnessed a new renaissance taking shape.

Hi there.

It’s been a very... ??? ...provocative year.

Seriously. What. Just. Happened. 2020 is the year we'll hope to forget, yet one we'll always remember.

But you know what? 2020 was also what we consider to be one of theeee most creative years in recent decades. We may have just witnessed a new renaissance taking shape.

During a time when we social-distanced and stayed safe inside… we lost touch with friends while caring for those closest to us... when wildfires took place... when Beirut suffered trauma… when our diversity was questioned… when political divides grew wider… when many loved ones were lost… and many heroes lost too... when we called it a dumpster fire, 2020 is a year we all persevered.

We were forced into change without much of a choice. And through change comes strength and creativity that unites. At Culture Pilot, we help people realize their creativity even when they think they're not creative at all. And if 2020 proves anything, it’s that everyone can be creative when it matters most.

We faced accelerated futures in almost every facet of life. Zoom became a household name. Sanitizer became a household requirement. Toilet paper became a most-wanted item. Wearing masks became normal. And washing hands too. There were still great moments among widespread despair. We learned to workout from home. And how to cut our own hair. We learned to be better parents and teachers as our kids went remote. Our heroes became nurses, drivers, and grocery store workers.

Even when the entertainment industry was challenged, the show still went on. We distributed content without movie theaters. Sports pressed ahead without cheers from the crowd. Musicians lost concerts but found new ways to reach listeners. Uber delivered, but food was their focus. Ecommerce was big yet soared more than ever. We improved the lives of animals as pet adoptions exploded. We reveled in tiger kings and Tom Hanks’ recovery. We found joy in skateboarding with cranberry juice. A fly even visited Mike Pence's head.

Like most of you, at Culture Pilot our limits were tested. But we found solace in friends, families, and clients who helped keep pushing us through. We consider ourselves lucky, among the fortunate few.

We designed a book – a biopic in fact. We designed an event in Las Vegas (pre-Covid we promise). We rebranded an international organization from our home town of Houston. We collaborated with top tier universities. We designed information reports for a nationwide healthcare organization. We branded a new cafe and a women-owned beef jerky company too. We launched several new websites. We coached several brilliant startups. We volunteered time for old friends and new. And on top of it all, we rebranded ourselves to boot. That’s right 2021… Culture Pilot’s got a fresh coat of paint coming soon.

As the year comes to a close, we’re excited for what’s ahead. While we take off for some much-needed rest and ramp up again come January 4th, for now, we have this invitation for you...

Now more than ever, please continue to stay in touch, send us your thoughts, and remain close. We miss you humans. We miss hugs, handshakes, high fives, in-person events, and all the things we used to take for granted.

So please… send us an email, or a text, or a tweet, or a communication preference of your choice, just to say... "hi there" ...because nothing would end our year on a brighter note.

Much love, good vibes, and positivity from all of us at CP.

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